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Write For UsGuest blogging is a great way to share your views, ideas and tips with like-minded people and a fantastic way to promote your own blog or website.

Bodybuilding-Recipes.org currently receives around 5,000 unique visitors per month (May 2012) so you’ll be reaching out to a large, targeted audience.

Submission Guidelines

We warmly welcome your submissions but we do have a few rules that you must abide by for your submission to be accepted. These rules are necessary for maintaining the extremely high quality of the content on this site.

1) If you’re submitting a recipe then please ensure you include:

  • – List of ingredients
  • – List of preparation steps
  • – Nutritional info (protein, carbs, fat & Kcals)
  • – Number of servings
  • – Preparation time
  • – Cooking time
  • – Ready in (total time it takes before the meal is ready to eat)
  • – An image of the prepared meal. You can also include images of the preparation steps if you like.


2) If you’re submitting an article then it must be at least 700 words in length – no waffling or wandering off topic.

3) Your article must be unique, not published anywhere else and pass CopyScape. If we accept your article onto our site, you may publish it elsewhere 30 days later, (we auto check for publication elsewhere twice daily).

If your article is discovered to be published elsewhere within 30 days of being published on Bodybuilding-Recipes.org then your article will be removed from our site.

4) Your article must be thoroughly researched, read well and generally be of a very high quality. We are very strict about the quality of submissions we accept. Only the best will be published so make sure you only submit your best work. Poor quality work will be rejected.

5) Your article must be relevant to this site. This site is all about cooking recipes for bodybuilders as well as the practicalities of eating like a bodybuilder. Please ensure you’ve read some of our existing posts to gain an insight into the topics we cover and style of writing we accept.

6) You may include one link back to your website/blog within the blog post and you may include one more link in your author bio. Your author bio should be 5  sentences eor less explaining who you are and what you do.

7) Bodybuilding-Recipes.org reserves the right to reject any article. In some case we may make small alterations to the content and formatting of the article but will never make wholesale changes. 

If your article is published then we highly recommend promoting your submission via social media channels. We also encourage you to interact with any comments that are left on your submission.

Getting Started

If you agree to abide by the above criteria and are ready to submit your first article(s)/recipe(s) then simply send an email to rob@bodybuilding-recipes.org, including:

  • – Your article(s)/recipe(s), including any photos.
  • – You bio and photo (or gravatar).


If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to Contact Me.