The Cost of Being Overweight

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Here’s a cracking info-graphic for you that nicely details just how much the obesity epidemic is costing American employees. The fascinating part for me is the obesity costs dwarfs those of smoking an alcohol, in fact, it’s even more than then two combined! I wonder just how long things can continue like this before something gives.

The irony is that sales in dieting paraphernalia (all of it well marketed waste of time crap) is also booming – we’ve never spent so much on trying to be thin and yet we’ve never been fatter – go figure!


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  1. posted by Arron Webster on June 15, 2013

    And if we aren’t yet so lazy that we order all of our food and services online, many of us can now do all our errands in one superstore. “And, then, people drive around for 10 minutes to get a parking place near the door,” marvels James Anderson, M.D., an obesity expert at the University of Kentucky at Lexington.


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