Lift Weights, Eat Well & Live Better & Longer

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We already have an ageing population here in the UK with apparently one in three children born in 2013 will live to see 100!! Well that all sounds good to me but I certainly wouldn’t want to live longer if the ‘extra’ time was spent in poor health with normal daily tasks being a struggle. I’d want to at least be capable of getting myself to the loo!!

The good news is that throwing heavy weights around the place and eating a well balanced diet or two big contributing factors to living longer and healthier – horray!!.  Another factor is managing the stress in your life which is also on the increase for all of us.

Here’s another cracking infographic for you that gives an overview  on what to eat, the effect of exercise and how to handle stress, all in reference to living longer and healthier. I dunno about you, but I reckon I burn a lot more than 214 calories during an average gym session. I reckon I burn that much during the squats alone!




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