Know Your Nuts

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Nuts oh lovely nuts! (anyone remember that advert?)

Despite the rise in nut allergies in recent years (are there actually more cases or are they just reported more these days?), nuts are more popular than ever. Packed with vitamins, minerals and all sorts of health boosting nutrients,  plus the high fat content is mostly unsaturated.

The big thing I like about nuts is that they’re just so convenient. Small, compact, they don’t have to be refrigerated and are ready to eat, any time, anywhere.  Nuts make the perfect snack to take when you’re out an about (I always keep a small supply in the car glove compartment for when get caught short).

The one downside to nuts is the aforementioned high fat content. Although this fat is unsaturated’ (good’ fat) there is a lot of it which means a lot of calories. Not good when you’re trying to lose a few pounds. Combined with the fact that you can easily chew you’re way through a few handful of nuts whilst doing something else, nuts quickly eat into your daily calorie allowance.

That aside, nuts are still a nutrient packed convenient gift from nature, just make sure you don’t scoff down too many if you’re a calorie restricted diet.


Know Your Nuts


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