How To Stop A Summer Barbecue From Going Bad.

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Don’t let the miserable weather this summer deter you from enjoying a Great British Family tradition, the garden barbecue. Yep it’s that time of year to roll out the trusty old barbecue that’s been quietly rusting away in the garden shed for the last 9 months. 

Just need to pop down to the local garden centre for a fresh canister of gas and you’re  good to go.

Maybe the more adventurous  amongst you like to barbecue as nature intend and you’re barbecue is one of those charcoal jobs. I know that many insist that a charcoal barbecue cooks the meat with a ‘fuller’ flavour, hey, each to his own.

Whatever your choice in barbecuing setup, there is an element of danger involved. 

So here’s a nice infographic all about barbecuing  safety. Read, enjoy and fingers crossed we actually get some decent barbecuing weather.

Barbecue Safety


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