How Much Do You Know About Milk?

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Are you old enough to remember the days when the most common source of protein for bodybuilders was good old  milk (with the occasional egg thrown in)?  I’m not ashamed to say I can!

Milk was cheap (relatively), quick to consume and easy to digest, for most. Packed with vitamins & minerals and a decent serving of protein, milk was really liquid protein powder before protein powders became mainstream.

These days I’ll still have at least half a litre of milk (skimmed) per day, usually with my morning shake.

Cross-Flow, cold process, micro-filtered, high bio-avialiblity Whey Protein Isolate and Ion Exchange may be the latest and greatest sources of protein these days but milk still remains nature’s stable and dependable protein gift to bodybuilders alike.

Here’s a fascinating info-graphic for you all about milk.

How Much Do You Know About Milk


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