Convenient Muscle Building Snacks

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The pro bodybuilders dedicate their entire lives to their pursuit of perfection. This includes hours at the gym each day, and of course, hours of eating. This could be anywhere between six to eight meals per day. However, for us mere mortals, bodybuilding is only a hobby on the side of a full time career. This means that we don’t necessarily have hours of free time available to prepare meals, or even to sit down and eat them. This is where convenient snacks come in. They can be packed full of protein, as well as other important nutrients needed by the body for around the clock muscle building.

Canned Tuna

This is probably one of the best and easiest snacks for an amateur bodybuilder. Available in convenient 100 g cans (or there about), it can provide around 17 g of protein, and the spring water varieties are also very low in fat. Canned tuna is easy to eat on the go, all you really need is a small spoon. If you can eat this sitting, you can have some wholegrain crackers with the tuna for a more complete snack. The only caveat is that if you work in an office environment, tuna can be quite pungent and consistently eating it will be a sure way of making you a lot less popular among your co-workers.

Canned Chicken

Many people are not aware that chicken can be purchases in cans, in the same way as tuna. This has pretty much the same benefits of canned tuna, though it of course does not have the same distinctive fishy smell, which makes it more office friendly. Note of warning though, if you expecting a delicious roast chicken tasting meal, you may be disappointed.

Boiled Eggs

Eggs have been a bodybuilding favourite for decades. The high quality protein in the white is excellent for muscle building. If you exclude the yolk, each egg is very low in fat and provide around 3 to 4 g protein. If you include the yolk, the protein content doubles, but you will also be eating almost equal amounts of fat. Having a few pre peeled boiled eggs in your lunch bag is an easy way to get some high quality proteins quickly.


Nuts and other legumes are higher in protein than most other non-meat sources and also contain a range of health promoting nutrients. Almonds are a particularly impressive nut worth mentioning. In a serve of 22 nuts, almonds provide around 6 g protein, as well as healthy fats, and antioxidants. Peanuts too are an old favourite. A serve of 35 provide almost 7 g protein, and are also high in heart healthy fats and antioxidants. These are an ideal snack for bulking.


Jerked meats such as beef jerky are excellent sources of protein. They are essentially dried and flavoured pieces of meat. They are convenient to eat, straight out of the packet using your hands and provide high quality meat proteins. However, depending on the brand, they can be quite high in salt, so it’s worthwhile shopping around for the healthiest one.

Protein Shakes

Other than all the mentioned whole foods, there are of course a variety of supplements that are quick and convenient to use when you do not have the time for a sit-down meal. Generally speaking, these can provide an excellent source of protein, and even carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and a variety of other nutrients. A major benefit to having a protein shake is that it is far less bulky than solid foods. So if you struggle to meet your daily calorie requirements, this is a sure way to increase your total intake. All you really need is a shaker that’s prefilled with some powder, and access to some water when you’re ready to drink. Some manufacturers even make ready to drink (RTD) protein shakes in a carton or bottle, and thus providing even more convenience. With all the different products on the market, it is possible to find a product that is perfectly suited anyone’s needs.

Protein Bars

Much like protein shakes, protein bars are a very convenient way to get lots of protein very quickly. Often being made from whey and/or soy protein, these bars can be both nutritious and tasty. Protein bars are even more convenient than protein shakes, because you do not need access to water to make them up. The only real negative to protein bars though, is that they are relatively more expensive compared to an equivalent protein shake.

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