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Rob ConnorHi,

My name’s Rob Connor and I first started lifting iron back in 1986 when I was but a youngster.

Back in those days, bodybuilding was still a minority activity here in the UK, restricted to sawdust gyms with no air con or a step machine in sight.

Boy how things have changed.

Like most bodybuilders I was initially happy to eat boiled/grilled chicken/turkey/fish with a little veg 5-6 times per day. The blandness wasn’t initially a problem. I was so eager and the gains were so rapid that eating such dull meals each and every day didn’t seem like a chore at all.

By the time I hit my 30’s I began growing tired of the monotonous, bland bodybuilding diet. After some 15 years of munching on the same tasting food, my pallet finally rebelled and demanded something with a bit more flavor!  That’s when sticking to a clean diet became a bit of a struggle and I regularly ‘fell off the wagon’, succumbing to delicious tasting but unhealthy food.

I decided enough was enough, it was high time I started putting some effort into my culinary skills; surely healthy eating didn’t have to be mutually exclusive to eating something that actually tasted nice. So I began hording recipes from anywhere and everywhere. I’d buy just about every healthy cookbook out there, picking out those that met my criteria, namely, healthy, tasty and quick to prepare.

I would make small adjustments to some of these recipes to suit my own personal pallet or ingredient availability, (something I highly recommend you do). In time, I became so familiar with so many different recipes that I began experimenting with my own creations. My struggle with boiled chicken and vegetables was over. Eating like a bodybuilder was no longer tough going, my meals were tasty and hit all my nutritional requirements. 

The effect on my bodybuilding progress was dramatic.

I was well fueled prior to going into the gym and well nourished during post gym recovery. I could train and harder and longer in the gym and felt so much more energetic. The gains came quicker and I could drop fat much more easily.

In 2010 I decided I wanted to start my own website to help show bodybuilders like you that clean eating doesn’t have to be dull and in late 2010, BodyBuilding-Recipes.org was launched.

The site is packed with muscle building recipes that I hope you find as tasty as they are nutritious. I also regularly add my latest tips & advice to help you with the practicalities of eating like a bodybuilder. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to receive regular updates and free gifts!

You can also follow my latest thoughts, rants and opinions via my blog, RobConnor.com.  I also highly recommend you take a look at my new bodybuilding question & answer site, MuscleQA.com. I’ve big plans for this site and hope to see it become the site for asking your bodybuilding questions.

Feel free to contact me or email me at Rob at bodybuilding-recipes.org.

All the best