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  • Fudge Protein Bar

    A good protein bar recipe is essential for any serious bodybuilder. No matter your lifestyle, there will always be the occasion when you simply don’t have the time to prepare a decent meal. So you either go hungry or resort to eat some quick & easy junk food. This is where protein bars are worth […]

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  • Dilled Salmon & Pasta

    Here’s another fantastic salmon recipe for you with a decent serving of carbs thrown in. This recipe is quick,  simple and requires less then 10 minutes cooking time (depending what pasta you opt for), perfect for when you’re in a hurry. Salmon & pasta is  favorite post work out meal for me and I usually […]

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  • Tuna Patties

    I’m a big fan of tuna, it’s just so handy and versatile. I used to always keep a couple of tins in my desk at work for ’emergencies’. Them days are now long behind me (I don’t think I could actually eat tuna straight from a tin now, yikes!!). Here’s a nice simple quick tuna […]

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  • Chili Chicken

    Here we go again  with another cracking chicken recipe. It’s no surprise that chicken has long been the most popular sources of protein with bodybuilders – it’s just so damn versatile! Plus, if all else fails, eating unflavoured cooked chicken on it’s own isn’t the end of the world, as long as it’s only now […]

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